Girls Weekend!

June 1, 2011 at 2:13 pm (Random) (, , , , )

Ok, what gives!?! It deleted the original post for this! ANYWAYS, this post was originally just to brag about the upcoming fun weekend. Now, we would like to direct your attention to google image searches. Any of you searched for something and had completely random images show up? Like images that seem to have NO relation to your search? All we can say is wow! That image will forever be burned into our eyes! Yikes!

Back to the bragging! We are heading to Palm Springs for a girls weekend and can’t hardly wait! The countdown has already begun! The plan: lounge in the pool, lounge by the pool, shop, drink mixed drinks-some fruity and catch up with each other! Doesn’t that sound grand?! Our questions to you are: where do you like to shop, eat and drink? We’re hitting up Cabazon Outlets. The rest is completely up in the air!

Now we pray that the image we saw on here we don’t see in real life!



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