Has this ever happened to you?

May 23, 2011 at 7:41 am (Annoyance)

Seriously a fax at 20 after 6 in the AM!!??!! Why do businesses do that? Do they really generate that much income from their spam faxes? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been up for hours or still sleeping, its just rude to fax at that hour of the day!

Feel like taping multiple blank pages together, feeding it into the fax machine and creating a solid loop. And then pressing send, to drive their fax machine crazy! Anyone done that? I have never have, but heard about the idea awhile back and think its pretty genius.


1 Comment

  1. Amy said,

    Come on. You know you want a trip to the bahammas 5 nights 6 days for $199 🙂

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